Food and Climate

Written by Kate Furby on .

Kate discusses how traditional food and culture may be threatened by climate change at the COP20 in Lima, Peru.

Fisheries and Peru

Written by Kate Furby on .

Peru is home to one of the largest single species fisheries in the world. Follow Noah as he explores fisheries in an ever changing planet.


Written by Kate Furby on .

How is climate change affecting the ocean? In this episode Sierra talks to scientists at the COP20 in Lima, Peru, about deoxygenation.

Polling the Poles

Written by Nick on .

After asking around the UNFCCC COP19 for a few days, we decided to hit the streets of Warsaw, Poland to see what the Polish people thought about the oceans and climate change.

COP 19: Who Cares?

Written by Nick on .

We travel the halls at COP 19 in Warsaw, Poland to see whether people care about the oceans.

OSIP in the Climate Studio

Written by Lauren on .

Yassir, Natasha, and I gave an interview at the Climate Change Studio Network at the UNFCCC. When we arrived, the president of the UN General Assembly, John Ashe, was being interviewed right before us! The experience of being interviewed live, while nerve-wracking and over in a flash, was really fun, especially doing it amongst inspiring friends and colleagues. Spending the entire morning (and part of the night before) preparing for the interview paid off, in that we had already planned out who would cover which topics so that we weren't fighting for the mic. Overall, it was a great experience, and we hope to do it again!

Our Sour Ocean: Acidification

Written by Nick on .

Prior to Lauren's ocean acidification event, we decided to poll the audience to get a sense of people's awareness of ocean acidification at the COP. A surprising number of people didn't know much, if any detail about the topic. We break it down simply. To get additional info on the topic, with more detail, view a video of Lauren's presentation here

Lauren's Ocean Acidification Talk

Written by Nick on .

Lauren gave her talk on ocean acidification yesterday, titled "Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem" at a side event at the COP. The room was packed and she did a great job engaging the audience. Watch for yourself! And, if you'd like to watch the whole side panel she was on click here.

Climate vs. Coal in Warsaw

Written by Nick on .

Kate and Amy stumbled across a climate protest as they were returning to the apartment, so we headed down to check it out.

Natalya's Ocean Deoxygenation Talk

Written by Nick on .

Watch our OSIP member Natalya Gallo give a thorough overview on the causes and consequences of ocean deoxygenation, one of the less visible impacts of climate change. Natalya's talk followed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Dr. Carmen Boening who presented on physical changes to the world's oceans.

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