A Return to COP 20 with New Energy and Excitement

Written by Jennifer on .

Yesterday morning the first members of our delegation (Lisa Levin, Jennifer Le, and Natalya Gallo) arrived in Lima, Peru. Sierra From the moment we arrived, it was clear that Lima was geared up and ready for the COP. We were immediately greeted at the airport with COP signage, helpers were displaying print-outs of the COP logo, and even the passport control officials were wearing pins about the COP.

Upon arriving at the COP venue, we saw all the new pavilions that had been built to host the conference this year. The venue location itself is very beautiful. Located on the expansive grounds of the Pentagonito, the Peruvian Army headquarters, the open-air venue offered evocative art displays, charming gardens, and a buzz of excitement from delegates from all around the world. The new pavillions are showcased in this video.

Much to our excitement, there are many more ocean events at the COP this year, including talks from both Lisa and Natalya. Peru, the host country, does boast some of the most productive fisheries in the world. Even so, delegates from land-locked countries are also drawn in by the Oceans booth, spearheaded by Dr. Carol Turley from Plymouth Marine Laboratory. With eye-catching visuals and handouts, we spoke to delegates from at least 15 different countries by the end of our first day.

With climate change and its impacts on the forefront of everybody's minds, there still lies a sense of hope. The delegates at the COP have traveled from all around the world to discuss strategies and adaptations to combat climate change. Expert scientists, seasoned policymakers, and even concerned PhD students have come together to tackle this issue in a collaborative effort. Surrounded by passionate and driven individuals, the beginning of the COP brings new energy and excitement, along with determination and a bit of hope for the future.

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