US-led Ocean Acidification Talks in Lima this Week

Written by Natalya on .

Tune in at 13:30 ET on December 3, 2014 to hear about how ocean acidification is impacting marine communities around the world and what the economic costs of these impacts are.

This side-event will be live web-streamed at and will be availble for future viewing as well. The side event is led by Dr. Libby Jewett who is the director of NOAA's Ocean Acidification program and she will be discussing the needs for an "EKG for the sea." The side-event will be started off by a presentation from Dr. Carol Turley, a senior scientist at the Plymouth Marine Lab, on the science of ocean acidification. I will then follow with a talk on ocean acidification in upwelling regions and the need for a mult-stressor perspective when looking at areas of the world where both low oxygen and low pH conditions influence marine communities. We are very happy to have a truly international perspective at this side event and two of the speakers (Dr. Nelson Lagos and PhD student Laura Ramajo Gallardo) are joining us from Chile. Dr. Lagos is the Director for the Center of Research and Innovations for Climate Change at Santo Tomas University in Santiago, Chile, and he and Laura will give some specific examples about the impacts of ocean acidification in Latin American counties. We will be giving RAPID 5-minute talks, so it will be a great opportunity to learn about the global scientific focus on ocean acidification and what we've learned so far about ocean acidification impacts.

We look forward to a great side-event! 

Ocean Acidification Side Event Flyer


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